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Geoff Crawley is Your Networking Ninja. He has been a proven sales leader in various industries for over 20 years. With a proven track record of revenue growth, Geoff knows how to help you learn from his past successes (and, uh, learning experiences #fails) to grow sales for you and your business through networking. Geoff was a finalist for the 2016 Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and in that same year the company he owned was a finalist for the Small Business of the Year Award. In his free time, you can find Geoff cheering for all Philadelphia sports teams, running half marathons or spending time with his wife Dawn and their three children, Annie, Jackson and Maxwell, and their dog Bacon.

Assassinate the Awkwardness

You know that it's important. You know why it's important. You just want to get better at it.

Networking simply doesn't come naturally to everyone. Even for people who are outgoing, networking can be challenging. Let us help you get past the awkwardness and Connect Like a Master.

Why Use a Ninja?

Because ninjas are cool. With sessions for individuals to groups of any size, The Networking Ninja can help you get more comfortable, which will lead to more revenue. Whatever you do with it, we can't help you there. But we can connect you to people who can!


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