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Geoff Crawley is Your Networking Ninja. He has been a proven sales leader in various industries for over 20 years. With a proven track record of revenue growth, Geoff knows how to help you learn from his past successes (and, uh, learning experiences #fails) to grow sales for you and your business through networking. Geoff was a finalist for the 2016 Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and in that same year the company he owned was a finalist for the Small Business of the Year Award. Your Networking Ninja won the 2017 Sterling Small Business Excellence Award as well. In his free time, you can find Geoff cheering for all Philadelphia sports teams, running half marathons or spending time with his wife Dawn and their three children, Annie, Jackson and Maxwell, and their dog Bacon.

Assassinate the Awkwardness

You know that it's important. You know why it's important. You just want to get better at it.

Networking simply doesn't come naturally to everyone. Even for people who are outgoing, networking can be challenging. Let us help you get past the awkwardness and Connect Like a Master. Or not, you can let us do it for you, if you prefer.

Why Use a Ninja?

Because ninjas are cool. With sessions for individuals to groups of any size, we can help you get more comfortable with networking, or even do it for you with our Ninjas for Hire. Either way, we can help you generate more revenue. Whatever you do with the revenue, we can't help you there. But we can connect you to people who can!


Nicole, Inform Fitness

“Loudoun County is highly-competitive and fast-faced. If you’re doing business here, you are networking among the strongest, most intelligent and passionate professionals our Nation has to offer. Yet, we are also your peers, your neighbors, your friends and your customers. Geoff Crawley never lets me lose sight of who I am and what’s important; in life, in business, in networking. Business Associate and sincere friend, Geoff is not only an exceptional human being, he’s hysterically funny, terribly well connected, and a Ninja for certain.”

Jen, KBF by Audi

Geoff with Your Networking Ninja is a rare talent that you may not come across often. I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff on a series of networking projects. Recently, Geoff assisted me with a keynote presentation to a group of business professionals. I’ve given keynote presentations previously; however, I felt my content was stale and outdated. I sat down with Geoff and in just a few short meetings, he already had me thinking in a completely different path. His unique perspective not only assisted me in a very successful keynote, but he was able to help me understand more about myself and my business. I highly recommend Geoff for any type of networking assistance. His experiences can help guide you through the networking world.

Mindy, Ever After Portraits

Recently, I needed help with my elevator speech.

I wanted to make sure that the message I conveyed to every business contact I was in front of was clear, concise and appealing to my target market.  Geoff helped me narrow my message and choose the wording that would attract attention while still being appealing and professional.  He accomplished this in a non-critical, professional manner that made what previously had seemed extremely stressful for me to something that when complete, felt like a piece of cake!

Now I feel like a MASTER – he definitely helped me assassinate the awkward.  And the best part is that I saw immediate results and response!  Thank you, Geoff – you really are a Networking Ninja!

Whitney, PJI Law

Geoff is a first class networking coach. He not only has networking know-how, he has the experience of growing businesses from small, struggling companies to local household names. Geoff started Networking Ninja because he is truly passionate about helping people and building them up. He genuinely cares about his clients and will go out of his way to help them succeed. He does everything from walking them through events, to how to handle follow ups after the events, and beyond. For me, he helped me pull together a presentation I was giving to a large group. I had several ideas, but wasn't sure how to make them flow. He not only coached me on the content, he helped with my PowerPoint, and we even reviewed my delivery. The feedback was that it was the best presentation yet! Geoff is a true leader and mentor, even for the "old pros."

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